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Discography 1

Journey, 1975
Track List:
1. Of A
2. In The
Morning Day
3. Kohoutek
4. To Play
Some Music
5. Topaz
6. In My

7. Mystery Mountain

The debut album from Journey; a
name given to the band by John
Villaneuva who was an associate of
their manager, was released in
April 1975. The band members were:
Neal Schon, Ross Valory, Greg
Rolie, Aynsley Dunbar, and George

Look Into The Future, 1976
Track List:
1. On A
2. It's All
Too Much
3. Anyway
4. She Makes
Me (Feel
5. You're On
Your Own
6. Look Into
The Future
7. Midnight Dreamer
8. I'm Gonna Leave You

Next, 1977
Track List:
1. Spaceman
2. People
3. I Would
Find You
4. Here We
5. Hustler
6. Next
7. Nickle And
8. Karma

'Next' was the last album on which Gregg Rolie would have the singing chores all to himself. Band manager Herbie Herbert felt the band needed a new direction in the form of an unknown vocalist...enter one Mr. Steve Perry!
This group of guys started the
'Journey' that would take the band
to the top of the rock world during
the rest of the Seventies, but that would be just the beginning.

Infinity, 1978
Track List:
1. Lights
2. Feeling
That Way
3. Anytime
4. La Do Da
5. Patiently
6. Wheel In
The Sky
7. Somethin'
To Hide
8. Wind Of
9. Can Do
10. Opened The Door

'Infinity' hit the stores in
January of 1978 with a lead singer
intact. From the insistance of the
record company they hired singer
Robert Fleischman, but he didn't
last long. His contribution to the
Journey mystique is the song 'Wheel
In The Sky' for which he helped to
write. Steve Perry was brought
aboard in late '77 and it didn't
take long before 'Infinity' was
produced. It was never strong on FM
radio, but the following headlining
tour secured them as a national

Evolution, 1979
Track list:
1. Majestic
2. Too Late
3. Lovin',
4. City Of
The Angels
5. When
You're Alone
(It Ain't
6. Sweet And
7. Lovin' You Is Easy
8. Just The Same Way
9. Do You Recall
10. Daydream
11. Lady Luck

The year was 1979 and the
'evolution' of Journey had brought
about more change. The band now
consisted of: Gregg Rolie (vocals, keyboards); Steve Perry (vocals);
Neal Schon (guitar, synthesizer,
background vocals); Ross Valory
(bass, background vocals); Steve
Smith (drums, percussion). With the
departure of Ansley Dunbar came the
introduction of Steve Smith from
he band Montrose who had opened
for Journey (along with Van Halen)
on the 'Infinity' tour.
Recorded at Cherokee Studios, Los
Angeles, California. Journey was
heading for major success by 1979,
and its final release of the
decade, EVOLUTION, helped a great
deal. While many other rock bands of the era were flirting with
disco, Journey stood by its roots
and recorded a fine collection of
rockers and ballads. 'Lovin',
Touchin', Squeezin'' remains one of
Journey's all-time great tracks,
and 'Lovin' You Is Easy' is still
one of my all time favorites.

In The Beginning, 1979
Track List:
1. Of A
2. Topaz
3. Kahoutek
4. On A
Saturday Nite

5. It's All
Too Much
6. In My

7. Mystery Mountain
8. Spaceman
9. People
10. Anyway
11. You're On Your Own
12. Look Into The Future
13. Nickel And Dime
14. I'm Gonna Leave You

'In The Beginning' was a
compilation album of songs from
their early years. It was released
in January 1980 and never got
higher than #152 on the album
'Arrival' is the newest release
from the band of all new material.
Released in early 2001, the album
marks a new milestone in the
Journey era...the addition of a new
frontman and drummer, Steve Augeri
and Deen Castronovo. Though many
point to the remarkable similarity
in Augeri's vocal sound to that of
Steve Perry, his style is different
which helps to add a depth to the
music that the band had started to
move away from as Perry's voice and
style began to be the focal point
of the music. Augeri has also
helped to bring back a youthful
energy that had gone lacking and
was pointedly evident on the 'Trial
By Fire' album.
Deen Castronovo is a 'Journeyman'
in his own right having played in
numerous bands, most of which are
hard rock bands. He brings a more
thunderous sound to the music which
brings the drums to the forefront
as is notable in the song 'We Will
Meet Again'.
A new release is expected from the
band sometime in 2002.

Essential Journey, 2001
'The Essential Journey' was
released at the end of 2001. It is
a compilation of Journey hits
during the Steve Perry years. This
is a nice addition to the 'Greatest
Hits' album and I personally
believe it was intended as a send
off for the glorious years the band
enjoyed with Perry and to bring
finality to their collaboration
with Columbia records.

Journeyville is excitedly awaiting the release of the new ep from Journey titled Red-13. As soon as we can provide a picture of the album, we will.
This is just a press release picture.