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Discography 2

The Journey continues...
Departure, 1980

Track List:

1. Any Way You Want It
2. Walks Like A Lady
3. Someday Soon
4. People And Places
5. Precious Time
6. Where Were You
7. I'm Cryin'
8. Line Of Fire
9. Departure
10. Good Morning Girl
11. Stay Awhile
12. Homemade Love

During 1979 the band saw 'Infinity'
and 'Evolution' pass platinum
status, a sold out tour across
Japan, Europe, and the US, and
their first top twenty
single...'Lovin', Touchin',
Squeezin'. It only took them a few
months in the studio to finish
their next album and in March 1980
released 'Departure'. It didn't
take long to go platinum and
secured Journey as one of the
biggest rock bands in the
world...even though they had yet to
have a top ten single!
Dream After Dream, 1980

Track List:
1. Destiny
2. Snow Theme 3.Sandcastles
4. Few Coins, A
5. Moon Theme
6. When The Love Has Gone
7. Festival Dance
8. Rape, The
9. Little Girl

This was a soundtrack album for a
Japanese movie and wasn't released
in the US for a few years after
it's Japanese release. It also
included orchestrations supplied by
Neal's father, Matthew Schon. The
song 'Little Girl' is one of their
best ever and would have been huge
if it had been released as a my humble opinion.
Captured, 1980
Track List:
1. Majestic
2. Where Were
3. Just The
Same Way
4. Line Of
5. Lights
6. Stay
7. Too Late
8. Dixie
9. Feeling That Way
10. Anytime
11. Do You Recall
12. Walks Like A Lady
13. La Do Da
14. Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'
15. Wheel In The Sky
16. Any Way You Want It
17. Party's Over (Hopelessly In
This is an excellent early live
album; the last actual Journey
album to feature Gregg Rolie. It
contains two never before released
tracks, the live track 'Dixie
Highway' and the studio track that
was a mild hit, 'Party's Over
(Hopelessly In Love). It was during
this tour that Rolie picked Jon
Cain to replace him in the band.
Escape, 1981
Track List:
1. Don't Stop
2. Stone In
3. Who's
Crying Now
4. Keep On
5. Still They
6. Escape
7. Lay It
8. Dead Or Alive
9. Mother, Father
10. Open Arms

Escape was the first studio album
featuring the 'Supergroup' of
Perry, Schon, Valory, Smith, and
the addition of Jonathan Cain;
keyboardist from the group the
Babys, a band who had opened for
Journey on their previous tour. He
was an excellent choice for the
band because he could also play the
guitar. The hidden benefit became
apparent quickly though, in the
songwriting duo of Perry/Cain. The
songs they produced were pure
magic, then with the added rock
edge of Schon's guitar work and the
power section of Valory and Smith,
the 'Supergroup' was born. The
Escape album is regarded by many
Journey fans as the best album they
ever produced and is easily one of
the greatest albums in rock
history. Until M. Jackson's album
'Thriller' came out, Escape was
Columbia Records biggest selling
Frontiers, 1983
Track List:
1. Separate
Ways (Worlds
2. Send Her
My Love
3. Chain
4. After The
5. Faithfully

6. Edge Of
The Blade
7. Troubled Child
8. Back Talk
9. Frontiers
10. Rubicon

By the end of the 'Escape' tour,
Journey was at the top of the rock
world. Their merchandising, album
sales, and tour stops were breaking
records everywhere, yet they still
decided to raise the stakes. They
added giant screens to their stage
show so everyone could see the band
closeup on the stage from anywhere
in the audience, something no other
band had ever done...ever! But the
studio was calling and in Febuary
1983 they released their seventh
album 'Frontiers'. Two songs were
pulled from the record just before
its' release, 'Ask The Lonely' and
'Only The Young', which were used
later on soundtracks. See more
about the album under 'My Favorite
Album' heading.

Raised On Radio, 1986
Track List:
1. Girl Can't
Help It
2. Positive
3. Suzanne
4. Be Good To
5. Once You
Love Somebody

6. Happy To
7. Raised On
8. I'll Be Alright Without You
9. It Could Have Been You
10. Eyes Of A Woman, The
11. Why Can't This Night Go On

Turmoil finally struck the band and
after the 'Frontiers' tour they
decided to try outside projects.
Success followed all the guys, but
especially Perry. When they
returned to the studio the successes followed and added extra
tension between them. Ross Valory
and Steve Smith left the band and
the musical direction in which the
remaining trio headed was directed
by Perry and that sound was easily
prevalent. The power rhythm section
was gone, as was Schon's soaring
emotional guitar work, but the
album was heavy on Perry's vocalsand Cain's keyboards and that
seemed to be enough to sustain the
band's radio friendly continuity.
Released in April of 1986, it
easily landed in the top ten. The
band hit the road with Randy
Jackson on bass and Mike Baird on

Greatest Hits, 1988
Track List:
1. Only The
2. Don't Stop
3. Wheel In
The Sky
4. Faithfully

5. I'll Be
Without You
6. Any Way
You Want It
7. Ask The Lonely
8. Who's Crying Now
9. Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
10. Lights
11. Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'
12. Open Arms
13. Girl Can't Help It
14. Send Her My Love
15. Be Good To Yourself

This album was released to help
give the band time to rediscover
themselves while taking some time
off. But things didn't work out so
well and it was several years later
before the band reconnected and
produced another album. The album
did reach #8 on the charts and was
a huge financial success. It has reached the much coveted level of 'Diamond', meaning it has sold at least 10 million copies and is their best selling album to date.

Trial By Fire, 1996
Track List:

1. Message
Of Love
2. One More

3. When You
Love A
4. If He
Break Your
5. Forever
In Blue
6. Castles Burning
7. Don't Be Down On Me Baby
8. Still She Cries
9. Colors Of The Spirit
10. When I Think Of You
11. Easy To Fall
12. Can't Tame The Lion
13. It's Just The Rain
14. Trial By Fire
15. Baby I'm A Leavin' You -
(hidden track)
"When You Love A Woman" was
nominated for a 1997 Grammy Award
for Best Pop Performance By A Duo
Or Group With Vocal.

Journey had returned to the rock n
roll arena and they seemed to once
again be headed for platinum
heaven. They were back together for
their first album in 10 years, with
the 'supergroup' lineup intact and
without making the mistakes of so
many of their contemporaries on the
rock revival circuit. Journey
hadn't tried to hip things up in an
attempt to sound current. They
stuck with their strengths and rock
fans rewarded the band in kind.
TRIAL BY FIRE entered the Billboard
Pop Chart at No. 3, an overwhelming
reaction worthy of the band's
heyday. Steve Perry's soaring
voice; though older, still sounded
strong, and the band remained
solidly centered on the
power-ballad style Journey
perfected more than a decade
earlier. Neal Schon's frenetic
guitarwork straddled the line
between pop and hard rock like so
many other 'famous' guitarists have
never been able to achieve.
Jonathan Cain filled out the sound
with bright piano riffs and dense
layers of atmospheric keyboards.
The rhythm section of Valory and
Smith was back and as strong as
ever. The album was a commercial
success, but it got very little
radio airplay and it seemed the
'corporate rock' tag no longer held
any power.

The picture I used is not the
actual album cover, but I think
they should have used this one
Greatest Hits Live, 1988
Greatest Hits Live, 1998

Track List:
1. Don't Stop
2. Separate
Ways (Worlds
3. After The
4. Lovin',
5. Faithfully

6. Who's
Cryin' Now
7. Any Way You Want It
8. Lights
9. Stay Awhile
10. Open Arms
11. Send Her My Love
12. Still They Ride
13. Stone In Love
14. Escape
15. Line Of Fire
16. Wheel In The Sky

This is a live album recorded
during Eighties and had to be saved
from deteriation. Journey fans all
across the planet are thankful it
was saved!

Arrival, 2001
Arrival, 2001

Track List:
1. Higher
2. All The
3. Signs Of
4. All The
5. Loved By
6. Livin' To
7. World Gone
8. I Got A Reason
9. With Your Love
10. Lifetime Of Dreams
11. Live And Breathe
12. Nothin' Comes Close
13. To Be Alive Again
14. Kiss Me Softly
15. We Will Meet Again

See Discography1 under 'Recently
released Studio album'.
My favorite album
To me this album totally dominated. It's the one album that shows how awesome the combined talents of the 'Supergroup' truly was. They went from ballad to mainstream rock to full out hard rocker with an ease that NO other group ever has. 'Faithfully' is one of the most beautiful songs ever made and is probably the most widely known Journey song, as it was also voted the most loved song in a poll done in the late Eighties of members by the 'Force' fan club. 'Edge Of The Blade' is the most underrated song Journey has ever produced yet it shows more prominently than any of their songs just how talented the guys are and how complete a package they were as a group. From beginning to end this album is five stars and a must have for any rock fan.

LISTEN to RED 13 Audio Clips.

Track Listing:

1. Faith In The Heartland
2. The Place In Your Heart
3. A Better Life
4. Every Generation
5. Butterfly (She Flies Alone)
6. Believe
7. Knowing That You Love Me
8. Out of Harms Way
9. In Self-Defense
10. Better Together
11. Gone Crazy
12. Beyond The Clouds

Vote for your favorite Journey album. Use the poll caster below and soon everyone will know which one is the best!

Red 13, 2002

Track List:

1: Intro: Red 13
2: State Of Grace
3: The Time
4: Walking Away From The Edge
5: I Can Breathe

This album was recorded by the band specifically for the fans. A couple of the songs didn't make it onto Arrival so were used here. The only way you can get a copy of this album is from their website store or by buying a copy at one of their shows. It is also the first of what will be several albums produced by the band, probably on their own label.