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Memorabilia 2

This page contains many of the
things I've collected through the
years of Journey. Most are pictures
of one form or another from my
scrap from mags, album
sleeves, the Force fan club, things
I ordered from long ago, etc...I
hope you enjoy them all.

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The pictures below are clippings
from some of the newsletters I got
from the fan club. The newsletters
came just before the release of
Raised On Radio. That's why you
won't see Ross or Smitty. We were
happy to be getting a new Journey
album, but we already missed the
'supergroup'. And yes some of us
did dress that way...that's style,

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This is one of my 'doodlings'. I did stuff like that
when I was bored in class. It's a little secret I don't let
my kids know about...whatta you mean they might see this, oh well. Plus more pics from an order form and the scarab ship from the Escape record.
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This is a complimentary sticker pass that came
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with my copy of the album Red 13.
These are pictures I received when I joined the Journey Force way back in the eighties. I wonder just how many of these still exist?

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Time changes everyone!
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These are pictures from a poster that came with the Captured Album. That's right, I said album. It's a big black disc made of vinyl. We played them on record players...very high tech stuff, mind you. It was...
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This the signed 'Thank You' card that
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came with the album Red 13.